Spraytan workshop & Certification program 

We now offer spray tan workshops, seminars, and one on one training courses to be professionally certified by Honey Spray Tanning. All training will be hosted by the founder, CEO, and celebrity spray tan artist, Lauren Honey. This is the most advanced spray tan training course happening in 2018! We get technical and mental to ensure you walk away ready to be a successful spray tan artist with unique skill and confidence.   

We give you the best materials in the industry to be a spray tan artist and be your very own boss honey!  

Pick the program that works best for you and your future goals! We are so excited to be a part of the next chapter in your life! 

We are always on the lookout for new Honey Artists as well to join our company so you could be the next one! 

Once purchased there is zero refund. 


Honey Spray Tan Seminar- (to be announced) 

Limited availability - 15 spots only! Can't miss this deal! 

TWO full days packed with spray tan training, FUN, and expertise in a beautiful hotel! Learn the dynamics on how to become your own CEO, be ahead in the industry, and walk away a professional spray tan artist and your personally framed Honey certification! Lunch will be provided both days and a mini graduation ceremony. All people attending will leave with an entire spray tan kit and tons of supplies to kickstart your new journey. Our large kit has literally everything you need and it is the cutest. Hotel room is not included. You are free to do anything you want after... hit the pool, shopping, wine and dine... like a mini vacation! 

All details of location will be announced by contacting you for our privacy. 

$1800 per person 

$2500 value - 12+ hours training, lunch, certification professional spray tan artist kit, machine, & supplies

Group Training Workshop In Your City 

Lauren Honey and one of her highly trained spray tan artists will travel to your city and train a group of below or maximum of 5 people. In the USA only! One busy and incredible day of hands on training! Only 2 large spray tan kits and tons of supplies provided for you to keep (and they are amazing). You can purchase more by contacting us privately. Lunch will be provided and you will receive your personally framed Honey certification at the end. The date will be decided upon mutual agreement and your best convenience. 



One on one private training - available right now in only Florida, Georgia, and Texas

One on one private training with just Lauren Honey! You will receive an entire day of hands on personal training. Get all of the top tools and secrets to kickstart your mission to being a spray tan artist! Large spray tan kit and tons of amazing supplies will be provided for you to keep and your personally framed Honey certification. The date will be decided upon mutual agreement and your best convenience. 

$950 one person