lauren honey

The founder of Honey & Celebrity Spray Tan Artist

Lauren has been obsessed with being tan year round since she was a teenager and nothing has changed since. From tan lines to tanning beds, she realized spraytanning looked and felt 10x better with the added bonus of healthier skin. It only took a few years before she became what you'd call a "spraytan snob" because let's face it, some spray tans are orange, full of chemicals, and smell so bad even your boyfriend will admit you stink. Lauren brought her dreams to reality after leaving Seattle and moving back to Nashville to start her own business. Lauren wanted everyone to get the mobile experience that was personal, private, and customized to your desired color. She also makes sure her honeys get ONLY THE BEST organic products that is all natural and anti-aging! She now lives in Miami, Florida and is building an elite squad of Honey spray tan artists. 

LAUREN LOVES: her two dogs Pretzel and Pringle, makeup artistry, red wine, mexican food, spontaneous traveling, and comedy (meme queen)